Remove Ants Problems

Remove Ants Problems

In many places around the world, Summer and Sun is equal to visits from Ants, either inside or outside your house or apartment. Many people struggle to get the ants away, but you shouldnt worry! It’s actually quite easy to get rid of Ants, when you know how to – which is what you can find out here at Remove Ants Problems.

First and foremost, it’s pretty cheap to get rid of Ants when you know what to use, rather then going out buying very expensive chemicals and the likes.

Remove Ants with support from your kitchen

While you kitchen might be one place you find ants intruding your home, it’s also the best place to look for things that will help you keep them away. Below you will find some of the best things to ensure the Ants keep their distance:

  • Salt
  • Calk
  • Lime
  • Vinegar (mixed ½ Vinegar ½ Water)
  • Water (Boiling)
  • Baking powder mixed with VinegarA few others things that can be very useful are:
  • Gasoline (Obviously not inside your house!)
  • Nicotine Water (make this by mixing tobacco for pipes with water. Leave it overnight and drain away the tobacco the next day – The Nicotine poisons the water, so use rubber gloves if touching it)

These things are all effective in removing the ants, however not all of them are suited to be used inside.
Looking at the above, removing ants with things from your kitchen is reasonable easy and far from as expensive as buying many of the “Remove Ants” chemicals you can find out there.

Removing your indoor Ants Problems

Removing Ants within your house if to many the most pressing problem, here you can find a could of really good tips on how to do that effectively:

Buy an empty spray bottle, put in some vinegar and spray it on all the Ants you can find, as the vinegar have a very low PH value, it will kill the Ants very quickly and effectively without making a mess – afterwards, you can clean over the  places where you sprayed with a cloth to clean it all up.

If you have animals in the house that you want to ensure doesnt get in contact with the vinegar, another option is to get some maize flour – If you put a bit of maize flour on the floor where you find the ants, the ants will take the maize flour to their ants nest and try to eat it. However Ants cannot consume maize flour and will die around 24 hours after trying to eat it. This will help you not only kill the visible ants, but also with killing all the ants in the ants nest and is still reasonable quick, while also very cheap.

If you fancy playing ninja for a while, you can run around the house with a roll of tape and catch all the ants with it – the ants will stick to the sticky side of tape and this works quite well without making a mess. (Note for carpets and other soft surfaces this trick doesn’t work).

Finding an ants nest – here’s how you remove the nest!

One of the best ways to stop the ants is by getting to the root of the problem – finding an ants nest and destroy their home – Here’s a couple of ways to do it:

  1. Take either “nicotine water” (as described earlier), Vinegar or even some boiling water and pure it directly down the ants nest. You might want to be doing this a couple of times with a couple of hours in between, specially with larger ants nest, some of the ants tent to be very good at hiding.
  2. Take a rake and run it down the center of the ants nest and stir it about until you have  a small crater. Cover the crater with baking power and pour a good bit of vinegar into the center of the nest. This will completely destroy the ants nest and is extremely effective. It only takes 5 minutes and it will remove your ants problems from that nest!
Another little hint if you are the kind of person that doesnt like kill ants, but simply want them out of your house, is to place an open jar of honey in a tree near your house. Since the ants will much prefer to work on emptying the honey jar, this trick will again very cheaply keep the out of your house.

Additional tips to remove your ants problems

  • Have a clean home makes it a lot less likely and attractive for the ants to come inside and makes it less likely that you need to think about removing the ants.
    The ants are very attracted to dust, crumbs, unwashed surfaces like dinner tables and coffee tables. So keeping your house clean brings an additional benefit ;)
  • Ants cannot stand the smell of Orange and Lemon and a slow way to get rid of them is to spread lemon juice and orange peals around the ants nests. This will take quite a bit longer, but will also remove them over time.
  • The Ants will most likely return sooner or later – remember how you successfully fought the battle last time and re-use the hints and tips you learned this time around.

Best of luck in your quest to remove your ants problems!